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You Wreck Em'
We Fix Em'

The unique spin to our auto lot is that we don't just sell the vehicles, we fix them too! We search far and wide to purchase wrecked vehicles ranging from moderate to severe collision damage. With a full-service auto body shop, we take older trucks, cars, SUVs and vans and provide a sharp, new exterior. Our specialist can perform extensive collision repairs as well as paint jobs that will make any vehicle look brand new!

As experts in collision repairs, we can take care of extensive damages on vehicles including dents, broken fenders, scratches - you name it! We take pride in what we do, trust the quality in our work every time!

Collision Repairs
That Make A Difference

Collision repairs make up the bulk of auto body work. When a vehicle has been impacted, the structure and frame of the ride can be heavily damaged, but the auto body specialists at Ricky's Used Cars LLC embrace any challenge. We find wrecked vehicles, fix them up and sell them for an amazing deal at our lot! Whether a vehicle requires frame straightening, extensive refurbishing or new elements added, we do it all!

Paint Work
We Do It Best!

Beyond collision repairs, we finish pre-owned vehicles off with paintwork that leaves a beautiful, seamless finish. When a vehicle receives a new coat, it transforms into a striking structure that looks brand new. That's what we do at Ricky's Used Cars LLC! The right paint job can make your car not only shine again but remove evidence that an accident ever occurred. When our team gets to work, you won't ever know the difference!

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